About Me

Hi, I'm Cameron.  

I'm a yoga teacher and personal trainer based out of Steamboat Springs, CO.  I have an extensive background working with clients ranging from ages 17 to 93 and I have helped hundreds of people understand their movement practice as a yoga instructor and movement trainer.  My curiosity regarding movement and human behavior is about as old as I am; for this reason, I have created this blog to continue to grow, learn and to share my knowledge with you, both as a peer and as an educator.

I want to help you grow and understand how your body works.

I'm also an avid traveler, camper, rock climber, surfer, cyclist, guitarist, music geek and bottom rung beer & wine snob.  Jack of all trades, master of none.

This blog is a work in progress, so if you found yourself here and it looks pretty remedial, that's because it is, so big THANKS for reading.  Keep checking back as I build it out!  Please feel free to reach out to me through the form below if you're interested in training or taking a class with me.