Inspiration #5: Why Not Make It Fun??

I want this to be a fun yoga blog that is both entertaining to read and inspiring to write.

If you have gone out of your way to read this blog, you probably already have an interest in yoga, or perhaps you just stumbled through it at the behest of a friend or yoga teacher.  If not, you might just be checking it out to see if yoga is something you might enjoy.

For this reason I’ll include things here ranging not only from elements of yoga that I want to share with Everyman but also music that is inspiring my practice, my writing and my life and more than likely I’ll also include funny things that have taken place in my career as an instructor.  There will be a healthy dose of suggested movements that might be challenging or new to you, but I’ll also try to make the breakdown of poses simple and understandable for the average reader of these posts.  I’m also eager to share other inspiration that I have stumbled across in my journey to (hopefully) enhance the lives of every reader.

As stated from the very beginning, EverymanYoga is and always will be a mildly flawed, highly humanistic work in progress.  There might be some typos, and I will never ever ever claim to know everything about yoga or anything else.  I am growing and learning WITH YOU, and together we can take the limitations off of yoga to make it enjoyable.  I am always open to feedback, and I look forward to interacting with you in as many ways as possible!


So there you have the five reasons that I started EverymanYoga.  As mentioned previously, I highly encourage you to share your insights with me through comments or contact forms.  Be on the lookout for new content regularly and I look forward to practicing with you.


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