Let’s Call This The “Mission Statement”

Sooooo…about that really long post from yesterday…

I’m definitely not editing or taking  that bad boy down, but just to provide a little truncated clarity, I wrote that about six months ago.  Truth be told this blog is brand spanking new and I’m learning as I go.  Therefore, if you’re reading this and wondering why there are no photos of me doing crazy yoga poses and handstands in scary places (as seems to be the norm for this type of thing), it’s because, well, I don’t really have any yet.

More than anything, publishing this blog right now instead of in two weeks is a method to get the ball rolling–this is my first crack at really mobilizing myself to finally just DO IT!

Consider this an invitation to grow with me as I learn a new skill.  And while I’m at it, let me lay out my purpose–or a mission statement–for writing in the first place:

I want to help people understand yoga, movement and their bodies in the most practical ways possible.  I might get technical sometimes, but I’m pledging to avoid the woo-woo yoga stuff that freaks people out.  My niche: men who wouldn’t typically be open to yoga, but I want to help anyone who’s willing to read this here blog.

There we go.  That’s a little more direct, eh?

What can you expect?  Solid information that you can apply to your day-to-day life.  This does not need to be limited just to yoga & fitness, but instead to anything that I find interesting, and that can be applied to generally living better in a hectic, fast-paced, weird world.  I may include the music that I’m listening to, or playing in my classes or perhaps I’ll throw in a little bit of practical philosophy or links to articles and podcasts that are providing some enlightenment for me (and hopefully for you, too).

In the meantime thanks for reading!  Keep checking back–let’s get to know each other.  Until next time…

Cameron (Yoga Everyman)

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