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The Personal Fitness Challenge Series

To Make Us All Stronger

Who's up for a fitness challenge?

Wait, let me back up a little bit...

I walked away from my meditation retreat experience with a newfound understanding of myself and where I need to be personally in my life. The fact that I am about to turn thirty-five also crossed my mind a lot. The retreat gave me ample time to reflect on my life, or more appropriately to review it. Results: I’m pretty stoked. I’ve experienced a lot in these thirty-five years, for better or for worse. I’ve lived in both hemispheres, I’ve jumped out of a plane, and I’ve generally followed my passions wherever they may lead me.

Today as I write this, I am continuing with two of those passions in a way I’ve wanted to for years; I’m writing a blog about staying healthy with yoga as the foundation for my movement practice. I also just moved to Steamboat Springs, Colorado (aka Ski Town USA) which is not only one of the most picturesque ski meccas in the US but also has a disproportionately large number of fitness studios, gyms, and opportunities to move and be healthy.

I’m a big fan of Tim Ferriss, partially because he walks the walk. If he’s interested in something, he doesn’t just talk about it. He does it. Tim’s interests are considerably more far-reaching than mine, but in the spirit of understanding the content that I’m writing about in the deepest possible sense, I’ve decided to develop a set of goals that I will implement on myself, then write about regularly to help YOU enhance your knowledge of movement, meditation and living a healthy life.

So, in honor of this thirty-fifth birthday that’s been creeping up like the Pennywise the Clown, I am rolling out one of the centerpieces for this blog: the periodized challenge.

These ‘periods’ will last anywhere from ten to ninety days according to the subject matter of the challenge, and they will heavily involve anything from daily breath exercises to immersive fitness lifestyle changes. To keep things interesting for the folks reading this here blog, I’ll also embark on a couple at a time, which will help me develop content in real time and to encourage the element of variability that I consider so important.

To keep it fresh, the challenges will not be limited to fitness, but will also involve anything that might work into a healthy, holistic lifestyle.  This could include diet modification, learning opportunities or changes to daily life and beyond that will enhance our quality of life.

Hopefully, it will provide a resource that you can look to learn more about how your body works and what to expect from a specific activity that you might be interested in working into your life. Being that this is a yoga blog, I will also investigate how it ties into a daily yoga practice so that you can apply it to yours effectively.

And the first challenge is…………………drumroll………………………

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!


I was going to do Pilates, but that's gonna have to wait for a little while due to scheduling conflicts.  But BJJ will be awesome because, well, it scares the shit out of me.  I'll be enrolling with Steamboat Springs Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and I look forward to learning and writing about the practice alongside yoga and how the two compliment each other.

To complement the BJJ research I will be doing, I will also be growing my meditation practice and describing challenges and opportunities that I encounter along the way. I opted to keep challenge number two simple to focus on writing and to develop more meditation content, as I truly want that to be a centerpiece of EveryMan Yoga.

So there you have it. 90-Days of BJJ begins on November 1st. Please reach out to me or write in the comments if you have any questions and especially if you decide to participate.

Yours in Health.

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