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No Posts For Two Weeks? What Kind Of Blogger Are You Anyway??!

Great question, thanks for asking.

For the last two weeks, I've found myself in something of a self-imposed state of writer's block. On one hand I've been doing lots of fun activities with my lovely girlfriend and my cute little dog; on the other hand, I've been intentionally avoiding writing in any form, partially due to fear. Up to this point, I've separately been journaling, blogging and researching about various things. Not only has this proved to be a bit of a time suck, it has also made writing in any form feel more like an obligation than something I look forward to.

Obviously, it's early in the life of this blog, so rather than throwing in the towel and deciding that I'm no good at this, I've opted to use this opportunity to make an early reset in my intentions. I still stand by all the reasons that I started it. However, the discrepancy between my 'personal' journal and my blog posts exposed something to me: I didn't feel genuine in what I was doing. I've been spending much of my time in the last few weeks dissecting other successful fitness/lifestyle blogs to see what they do, how they approach their topics, how they address their readers, etc. More importantly, what I have been doing is attempting to imitate successful writers. This element of imitation has proven to be a common theme in my life. I've been writing in my voice but I've been ballooning my personality into some kind of fitness guru- a space that I do not feel comfortable striving for or occupying.

Although I've considered writing a blog for a long time-- and there are a couple false starts lurking around the internet to prove it-- I have struggled with the question of 'what am I an "expert" at?' Is it yoga and fitness? I have a degree in music, so can I tie that in? People say they like to read what I write, so should it be a humor blog? Most importantly, I've found myself asking, 'who am I?'. As I mention in my bio, jack of all trades, master of none. But is that where I should be?

At this point in this post, it's probably becoming clear that this post is being written more as a vent for me than to draw in readership. That is EXACTLY what this post is. The problem with the direction in which I have been pushing this blog is that I have been imitating others instead of being myself. In my little pocket of personal cheerleaders and supporters who have championed this blog from the get-go, one recurring theme has popped up in conversation: 'write about where you are right now, warts and all, and share your experience with others.'

So that's what I intend to do. In the interest of streamlining my writing (Tim Ferriss would be proud), this blog is about to transform into something more organic: a place for me to share my experiences, life lessons and still providing a hefty dose of yoga and fitness advice inspired by what I've learned as a teacher and a trainer. This might include anything from my personal and family struggles with anxiety, depression and alcoholism, to how I finally managed to do a ring muscle-up, or perhaps roadblocks I've encountered as a trainer and yoga instructor. I'll probably even include some fiction here and there side-by-side with long-form pieces about research that I've been doing about various topics. Regardless, it will all be genuine and it will all be stuff that I feel COMPELLED to write, not obligated.

HOOOO boy...I feel better. How about you?

As more or less every resource for bloggers proclaims, you have to post regularly. My struggle with this is completely reflective of what I just laid out for you, but I'm not making any promises for posting daily. If you're reading this today, thank you for being here. I look forward to posting for as often as I feel inspired, and that means when I actually have something to say. As Ryan Holiday points out in his excellent book Ego Is The Enemy, action trumps words and true greatness arrives in the form of genuineness. So from this point forward, I'll see you when I see you; when the time is right and that's where I need to be.

As always, please reach out to me to communicate.

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