5 Comfortable Meditation Positions with Vacassin

5 Comfortable Meditation Positions with Vacassin

Being comfortable during meditation is incredibly important. Discomfort can be a distraction that prevents us from focusing. Vaccasin, co-owner of Yoga Point Brixton, Yoga teacher and practising Buddhist with over 30 years of experience shares his top five meditation positions with variations.

Remember, it is not necessary to sit in a particular position in order to meditate, what is most important is to be comfortable. This allows you to be at ease and bring the practice to mind.

Position 1: Supported kneeling position (Virasana)

This position is a supported kneeling position (Virasana). Use enough foam blocks/ cushions for there to be no pressure in the knees. The blanket over the knees provides support for the hands to rest on.

Position 2: Supported kneeling position (Virasana) option 2

This is the same position as position 1 but there is a folded blanket placed under the ankles. This is useful to relieve any pressure experienced there to ensure you are completely comfortable.

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Position 3: Siddhasana (with variation of blocks)

In this position the knees create a wide base with the pelvis lifted supporting the spine.

In this variation, blocks are placed under the knees. This is useful to prevent any pressure or strain experienced.

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Position 4: Supine (with variation of no bolster)

When lying down, it can help to support the head with a blanket. Knees can be bent and feet on the floor or a bolster can be placed under the knees. These positions help to avoid tension in the lower back.

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Position 5: Lying down with legs raised.

The legs raised, can help people where pain/ discomfort is experienced in the back.

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Find out more about Vacassin here. 

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