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To celebrate International Women’s Day we caught up with the female entrepreneurs behind 3 of the wellness brands that we are so excited to partner with to learn more about the inspirations and mission behind their brands.

Eve Williams – ede skincare


Tell us a bit about your background and your journey to where you are now…

The story of ede began with the product that is now called needs must face oil. I began making this face oil for personal use as I found it helped my spot-prone and sensitive skin to stay clear. I was working and studying as a knitwear designer at the time and a colleague asked me what I used on my skin. Before I knew it, most of my team were telling me how much they loved the face oil too.

I felt like this was the beginning, an opportunity for me to start something for myself beyond the fashion industry that was making me feel quite anxious and inward. I eventually decided to leave my knitwear career and begin a Diploma in organic skincare formulation and that’s where ede really began.

Since then I’ve studied in skincare and advanced facials and began running workshops, teaching groups of great women how to look after their skin, faces and minds a little more at home. ede is at a very exciting stage and I can’t wait to share what’s to come over the next year and connect the message with more people.

What was your inspiration to start ede?

I was struggling to find products that my skin wouldn’t react to, that’s what led me to creating my own. Natural skincare wasn’t so mainstream in 2014. The switch to using natural products meant I no longer worried about itchy skin and it also helped clear my acne that I was in a recurring cycle with after using medicine from the doctors. Alongside this, I also struggled deeply with anxiety and found an affinity with aromatherapy but didn’t necessarily align with the products available to me and their messaging.

It makes me laugh because ede is pretty selfish, it really just solves a lot of my own skin and mood fluctuations. But connecting with other people who also feel the same is one of my favourite parts of running the brand and what keeps me going.

What is your mission with ede?

ede was born with a focus on supporting the skin and the mind. I make skincare products that are formulated to align with and nurture the role of the skin, not strip or sensitise. The aromatherapy pulse point oils help you tune in further to how you’re feeling in that moment, supporting and balancing the emotions. Together, the two help you create more worthy moments for yourself (and myself) in your everyday life. To spread that goodness is my mission.

Which women inspire you?

I’m inspired by many women who are choosing to do life on their own terms. Growing up I always felt different, softer, quieter, descriptions often linked to girls more than boys. Let’s not leave out, excruciatingly shy. These words always felt like there would be limitations to what I could achieve because I was this way. I feel so inspired to see women lead, thrive and grow within their super power. I’m inspired by softness as a superpower.

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Samantha Jameson – Soapsmith


Tell us a bit about your background and your journey to where you are now…

I’m Samantha Jameson, the Founder of luxury hand, bath and body care brand, Soapsmith. I was born and bred in Hackney, East London. I think I first dipped my toe into Entrepreneurship when I started selling make-up to my friends at school as a side-hustle to my Woolworth’s job! I used to sell Barry M, Sleek, Colour Girl – all the brands everyone loved in the 90’s. I would pick the products up cheap on the local market and sell them on – I also dabbled in fragrance and found dupes of ‘white musk’ and other popular scents. 

The Soapsmith journey began in 2010. My love of scent and natural curiosity for the world and places, alongside my ‘Busy Bee’ nature, meant I loved those first two years perfecting the art of making our first products and scents. I knew this was a craft and a business I loved and could pour my heart and soul into.

In a true act of faith, I poured all the money I had made from my last business (plus I pawned my old engagement ring!) and set up a space in the Old Clockworks in Walthamstow, which remains our home 13 years on. 

What was your inspiration to start Soapsmith?

I loved the art of craftsmanship and I knew I wanted to build a business that created something I loved using myself. I had already been dabbling in making my own soaps and lotions at home and from there I started to think more seriously about building a brand. I had a clear vision early on to create a luxury brand, that used only the highest quality ingredients to allow for exceptional formulations, that really showcased craftsmanship at its best. 

Also, at the time that I started Soapsmith, the bath & body  category was not a particularly interesting market, and the scents were especially limited and overdone. As someone that has a deep connection with scent and places, my idea to create scents that were inspired by memories of places and moments in time had not been done before! As a creative entrepreneur, I went with it and the scents and their stories are integral to our identity. 

What is your mission with Soapsmith?

My mission for Soapsmith has remained the same since we began and is simple: to bring a little bit of sensory luxury to the everyday, for everyone. 

Which women inspire you?

I’m inspired every day by the women who work at Soapsmith, who pour their energy and love into the business, even when they have other things going on in life. I try to create an environment at the business where I respect the balance we are all trying to juggle. I couldn’t build this business without them; their individuality and commitment inspires the brand, and me as a leader in many ways.

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Laura Colucci – Spritz Wellness


Tell us a bit about your background and your journey to where you are now…

I’ve practiced yoga for over 25 years on and off the mat and qualified as a teacher 15 years ago.  Five years ago, I opened a yoga studio The Nook at my home in West Sussex by the sea. It was at my studio that I designed and created the Aromatherapy Eye Pillows, Yoga Mat Sprays and Room Sprays that I use in my classes. It was from here that the Spritz Wellness brand was born. 

What was your inspiration to start Spritz Wellness?

My inspiration to start Spritz Wellness was the power of aromatherapy and adding rituals to my yoga practice. Placing an eye pillow over the eyes in Savasana and misting the yoga mat before practice are little tools that ground you and give you those moments of calm.  There wasn’t a range of all-natural products at the time so I created my own!

What is your mission with Spritz Wellness?

The mission of Spritz Wellness is to use aromatherapy to enhance your yoga practice and sleep routine and find moments of stillness in a busy world.

Which women inspire you?

Women who follow their passion, show resilience, honesty and are in touch with their essence. Its inspiring to see women following their dreams be it a CEO, owner of their own business or a full-time caregiver. 

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