Wanderlust 14-Day Total Reset

The Total Reset is a brand-new program designed to optimize both your mental and physical health. Our expert guides Janet Stone (yoga & ayurveda) and Dr. Will Cole (functional medicine) will accompany you through an accessible 14-day regimen combining the wisdom of ancient yogic practices with the latest knowledge in functional medicine.

We believe that good health starts with simple steps, and the Total Reset is designed to fit into your busy schedule. You’ll wake up, practice yoga for 15 – 20 minutes, and then eat a plant-based breakfast incorporating three specific supplements. You’ll also receive three short talks from Dr. Cole to watch on your own time. Each day’s breakfast recipe will arrive in your inbox the night before, and you’ll get a shopping list before the challenge starts and again before week 2.

Improving your health can really be that simple. In only 14 days, you will reset and restore your mind, gut and body, leaving you stronger, more energetic, and clear-minded.

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