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Rebecca is a meditation, breathwork and bodywork facilitator passionate about sharing tools and resources for self and shared nurturance.

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You can find out more about Rebecca through her Instagram page @__rebecca__moore and her website

We caught up with Angela to learn more about her background and practices…

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I am a yoga teacher and wellness guide, specialising in breathwork and meditation. My work is influenced by ancient healing modalities and how this wisdom can be translated to support us in modern-day city living. I really enjoy creating soulful spaces for people to connect, share, explore and transform. What does a typical day look like for you?

First thing in the morning I stretch and do a breath practice before sitting in meditation. Spending time with myself in my own energy before anything else is really important for me. Depending on my schedule I may spend some additional time reading or journaling. Then I have breakfast and dive into the day. As well as teaching I work across various creative projects, so I’m rarely out and about without my laptop and planner. In between classes you’ll find me in nearby coffee shops or co-working spaces tapping away at my keyboard or sketching away on my pad. Where possible I share dinner time with family and friends. If I’ve had a really long day, I’ll have a salt bath in the evening and listen to a soothing playlist before I go to bed.

How did your yoga journey begin and what inspired you to become a yoga teacher?

My journey into yoga began in my early 20s when a friend invited me to do a class with her. I was running a magazine at the time and life felt incredibly chaotic. Depression and anxiety loomed over me and I was caught in a loop of unhealthy coping mechanisms. The stillness I felt deep within me as I lay in Savasana after that first yoga class marked a huge shift in my life, and initiated me into a period of deep rooted healing. It was in no way a linear journey, and there were many times of challenge, but yoga was the practice that kept me coming back to myself. Once I found the modalities that best supported me, I was filled with energy and enthusiasm to share them with others, so I trained to be a yoga teacher and wellness guide.

What inspired you to specialise in breathwork and meditation?

These practices were such a huge part of my healing journey and continue to be an essential part of my everyday well-being. It feels so natural to share them with others. I really enjoy how versatile breathwork and meditation practices can be, making them accessible for absolutely everyone. Some techniques require a comfortable seat and space to breathe undisturbed, while others can be practised on the move or during your working day. There is a breathing and meditation practice to support you wherever you are, however you’re feeling and whatever you are most in need of. Exploring different ways to breathe, soften and connect are what inspires me the most.

How have you seen yoga benefit those going through stress and burnout?

The best thing to witness is people reconnect with their power and ability to self regulate. Learning how to alchemise their moods, release stuck emotions and tension stored within their bodies as a result of prolonged periods of overwhelm. Students who practise breathwork and meditation regularly not only build resilience to stress and the everyday challenges of life, but are also often inspired to create lives that are more sustainable and less depleting. We all deserve to live in a way that works for us rather than against us.

What is your favourite quote or life motto?

“By having a clear ideal at the core of your life and by watering that ideal every day, you can stir the genius in your soul and finally actualise your highest dream, which is less about achievement and more about deep and lasting fulfilment.” – Richard Rudd


You can find out more about Rebecca through her Instagram page @__rebecca__moore and her website

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