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How do you feel when you wear the colour red? Or when you enter a room painted pastel blue or yellow? Colours have a profound affect upon our emotions, from making us feel stimulated and energetic, to calm, serene and relaxed. Savvy marketing companies know how to get our attention by choosing bold red signs, and you may notice how many yoga studios adopt colours aimed to relax the mind, such as white, turquoise, lilac or pale green. The colours we choose to wear each day can even impact how we act; bright colours are said to help us feel more confident, whilst wearing black is thought to be a sign we want to hide away. We’re surrounded by colour all the time, so if you’re curious as to how it’s affecting your mood, read on!


The colour red is related to our most primal emotions, and links to the ‘root chakra’, governing our base instincts. Red is associated with excitement, passion, danger, courage and energy, aimed at grabbing our attention and propelling us into action. From a psychological perspective, red is said to be the colour that connects us to the physical body. If we feel disconnected from our bodies, have body image issues, or hide our bodies away, red can be a therapeutic colour to work with in order to reconnect us to our physical selves. To help you feel energised and outgoing, try wearing a red top, like the Gossypium Twist Yoga Vest and roll out the Manduka PRO Yoga Mat in a deep coral colour to help lift your spirits for a dynamic yoga practice.


Orange is the colour of joy, rejuvenation, adventure, warmth and vitality. When we wear orange, it can help us feel optimistic and uplifted, and radiate this energy out to others at the same time. The colour orange links to the ‘sacral chakra’, connected to our sense of pleasure. Experts agree that the colour orange seems to enhance our ability to socialise with confidence too. To bring a pop of optimism to your self-care practice, use the bright orange Positive Planner Journal, and wear the orange Gossypium Move Cropped Yoga Top to connect to the emotion of joy as you practice.


Yellow is connected with the emotions of happiness, spontaneity, cheerfulness and hope. Just as the yellow daffodils that bloom in Spring may inspire a sense of hope for lighter, brighter days ahead, adorning your home or body with the colour yellow can help inspire hope through tough times. The colour yellow can also spark our creativity; if you’ve been stuck in a creative rut recently, use the brightly coloured Positive Planner Affirmation Cards, in vibrant designs for positive vibes. To bring more creativity and spontaneity to your yoga practice, try practicing on a yellow mat, like the Yogamatters Eco Rise Yoga Mat in a desert sand colour. When it comes to yellow’s spiritual connection, it is related to our ‘solar plexus chakra’, from where our power is said to radiate.


Associated with the heart chakra, green is said to be a colour that helps soothe the mind and connect us to nature. Filling a room with the natural green of plants can help relieve stress, improve mood, and even enhance productivity. Emotionally, green is said to evoke feelings of positivity, abundance, peace, security and restfulness, and for those of us who live in an urban environment with limited access to rolling green hills, green can be a soothing balm when we’re feeling stressed or anxious. We can use the colour green in the clothes we wear, such as the Thought Ariyah Bamboo Jumpsuit in pea green, to inspire an attitude of abundance, recognising that you are enough, or by choosing green yoga props like the Yogamatters Organic Cotton Gold Trim Bolster in sea green, and the classic Yogamatters Sticky Yoga Mat in bottle green to bring the relaxing tones of nature into your practice.


Just the thought of looking up into a clear blue sky or into a glistening blue ocean is enough to elicit the relaxation response, which is why blue is often chosen for spaces dedicated for relaxation. Blue links to feelings of freedom, expression, imagination, patience, understanding, inspiration and calmness. If you’ve been a little overwhelmed or stressed recently, it may be best to avoid colours like red for a while, and instead focus on bringing more blue into your life in the colours you wear, such as the calming Thought Fairtrade Organic Cotton Tie Dyed T-Shirt in denim blue, or by opting for the blue Spritz Wellness Liberty Print Aromatherapy Eye Pillow. Blue is connected to the throat chakra, governing our ability to listen and be heard by others. Wrap yourself in the blue Yogamatters Cosy Fleece Yoga Blanket as you draw in the Horizons 1 Sketch A Day Visual Journal, and try wearing the colour blue the next time you want to feel calm, expressive, and radiate a sense of trustworthiness to others.


Originally reserved for royalty, purple is connected to our spiritual ‘third eye chakra’, and our intuition. Purple is associated with mystery, wealth, and is both calming, whilst being able to stimulate brain activity associated with problem solving. Purple is said to help us connect to our higher selves, which is why it is so often used in spiritual practices. To help calm the mind, and raise your consciousness, purple is a great choice for meditation props; choose the Yogamatters Organic Cotton Crescent Meditation Cushion in purple berry, and Organic Cotton Eye Pillow to fill your meditation space with the energy of this colour.


When it comes to the colours of the chakras, the ‘crown chakra’ is thought to be the place we reach when we find enlightenment, and is therefore often connected to the colour white, which is beyond all other colours. White is actually not a colour at all – it is the absence of colours, so if we want to elicit feelings of a fresh start, or the beginning of a new journey, white can help us feel we’ve ‘wiped the slate clean’. Many yoga studios choose to keep their walls white to encourage a sense of calmness, purity and serenity, as well as simplicity and freshness. If you’ve ever been to a Kundalini yoga class, you may have seen many of the practitioners wearing white, which is said to extend the aura and provide protection from harmful energy. In art, white is said to give ‘breathing space’ to the rest of the canvas, so if you’re in need of a little breathing space and emotional protection, choose neutral or white props, like the sustainable Yogamatters Hemp Bolster and super soft and comfortable Hemp Zabuton, and see how you feel when you practice yoga in white clothing, like the simple Thought Fairtrade Organic Cotton Tee.

Now you know how colour affects your mood, which colours will you choose tomorrow?

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