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When it comes to spending time in nature, there’s an abundance of research showing that even just a short amount of time in the fresh air amongst trees and plants is good for us. Nature is so good for us in fact, that studies show it has a big impact on reducing stress, blood pressure, and can strengthen the immune system too. If you want to learn more about the healing benefits of time spent in nature, read The Nature Remedy by Faith Douglas. Whilst spending our days immersed in nature would be an ideal way to get the benefits, it’s not always possible to get out for a long walk in the woods or a stroll in the park, which is why bringing nature into our homes is important for improving health and wellbeing. Read on for three ways to use Yogamatters props and products to fill your home with nature!


They’ve become something of a trend, and for good reason! From Monsteras to Spider plants, Cacti to Caladium, indoor plants are not only pretty, but they’re pretty powerful too. House plants help to oxygenate the air around the home, and act as a natural filter for bacteria. They’ve been shown to boost mood and overall wellbeing levels considerably, and for those who are allergic to pets, they’re a simple alternative to cats and dogs, whilst still providing you with something to nurture, nourish and help grow strong.

Easy plants to care for include Mother-In-Law’s tongue, most types of Cactus, Spider Plants, and Rubber plants. The beautifully illustrated book Plantfulness is a guide to help you to reconnect to nature, whilst reaching for a more peaceful, mindful life. You’ll find 50 houseplants in this book, along with their practical benefits like cleaner air and scents, to the emotional benefits of creative inspiration and a sense of daily accomplishment after watering and caring for them. Be warned; once you start filling your home with house plants, it’s difficult to stop!

Comfortable Floral Decor

Using props is a wonderful way to personalise your yoga practice, and meet your body’s needs each day. The Yogamatters buckwheat bolster collection has a new addition to the family, which provides both comfort and support in any restorative posture, and the added benefit of natural materials and prints. The more we can use materials like organic cotton, the more we support organic farming, and the less we expose ourselves to synthetic and chemical-filled materials.

The Daisy Print Buckwheat Bolster is inspired by the simple patterns and technique of traditional Indian block printing, and is ethically produced in India. To fill your home with a more natural feel, we recommend pairing the buckwheat bolster with the daisy print organic cotton eye pillow too.

Nature-Inspired Scents

When we spend time outdoors, it’s not only the sights and sounds that benefit us, but the scents too. Trees and plants give off natural chemicals called ‘phytoncides’, which protect the plant from infection, but also help boost our immune system too! Phytoncides have been shown to increase the activity of ‘NK’ (‘natural killer’) cells, which play a vital role in the prevention of viruses, and certain types of cancer. These chemicals are most active in the centre of woodlands, especially those containing Pine trees, thanks to the compound ‘pinine’. Pinine helps treat upper and lower respiratory tract infections, coughs and colds, and blocked sinuses, whilst the compound ‘Limonine’ (found naturally in chamomile, fennel, hops and rosemary) helps lower blood sugar, and has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Phytoncides are present in essential oils – which gives them their healing and harmonising ability – so if you want to get the benefits of these natural chemicals from your home, essential oils are the way to go. For the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits of Limonine, try adding Tisserand’s Rosemary and Bergamot Essential Oils to the Aroma Spa Diffuser, or use the Yogamatters Funky Yogi Rosemary, Lavender & Citrus Room Spray, which is made from all-natural fresh ingredients and is a must-have for clearing your space energetically before or after class or self-practice. For the antiviral and immune-boosting effects of Pinine, light the P.F Pinon soy wax candle, which captures the essence of Pinon Pine, a coniferous staple of from the American Southwest.

How do you bring nature into your home? Is your bedroom full of plants? Do you spritz natural scents around the bathroom?

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