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What can you hear right now? The sound of birds tweeting or traffic roaring past outside? The low hum of the refrigerator? Music from the radio, or the sound of other people’s conversations? No matter how peaceful and quiet your environment may be, there’s no doubt that sound is all around us, and it’s affecting us on every level. Physically, music can cause the heart to beat faster, or brainwaves to slow to a relaxed, serene pace. Sound can also evoke memories, or help us feel motivated when we need it most. Emotionally though, sound has a profound affect upon us, which is something our ancestors knew thousands of years ago, and something sound healers and musicians know today. From feeling sad and down, to energised and uplifted, sound impacts our emotions on a daily basis, and by understanding how to use sounds in different ways, you can change how you feel or enhance your emotional state. Read on to find out which sounds encourage different emotions, and how to use sound for your own benefit…

Frequencies & Waves

Did you know that pretty much everything you can see, hear, smell, taste and touch is made up of sound? The world around us is comprised of frequencies; some frequencies cause objects to be solid and dense, whilst other frequencies create light and sound. Our bodies and minds also resonate at a particular frequency, and maintaining health and wellbeing has a lot to do with ensuring your vibrational frequency, or ‘vibe’ is well balanced.

A healthy human body is said to have a vibrational frequency of between 62-70MHz, and that when the frequency of the body’s cells dips below 62MHz, this is when illness may set in. When looking to heal the physical body, many practitioners recommend working with frequencies around 174Hz and 286Hz, to help relieve physical pain, heal tissues, and even promote the accelerated healing of burns. When it comes to our emotions however, there’s a plethora of frequencies we can play with to help shift our mindset. Here are six sound frequencies that can affect our emotions, and a few extra sounds we can benefit from that you’ll be able to find in nature:


Linked to the Root Chakra and our ability to feel safe and grounded, 396Hz is also said to help liberate us from guilt, fear and worry. This frequency primarily deals with our base instincts and emotions, such as feeling secure, and can help eradicate deep-seated doubt. You may benefit most from listening to 396Hz if you’re feeling anxious, if you’re travelling and feeling ungrounded, or if you find yourself worrying about issues such as health, finances, safety and family often.

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Connected to the Sacral Chakra, 417Hz helps us ‘go with the flow’ and find a sense of ease in life. This frequency is said to help us bring about change and take a different direction in life, and supports new beginnings. 417Hz can also help us release negative thoughts and memories that may be holding us back from moving forward in a positive direction in life. Listen to this frequency if you want to make changes in life but are feeling apprehensive; if you’re about to make a big life change and need to boost your confidence, or if it’s time for a fresh start and release of old emotions that no longer serve you.

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Also known as the ‘miracle tone’, 528Hz is connected to the Solar Plexus Chakra, and our place of energetic power. This frequency is thought to be particularly healing, helping us bring about positive transformation, and aiding us in connecting to emotions such as love over fear. Studies even show that listening to 528Hz has a stress-reducing affect on the hormonal system, and can calm the nervous system, too, helping us shift out of ‘fight or flight’. Try listening to 528Hz if you feel you need to shift your state of mind; if you want to embrace a loving attitude through challenging times, or simply to infuse your body, mind and home with this powerful frequency.

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Related to the Heart Chakra, 639Hz is said to help tackle negative emotions and even ‘mend a broken heart’. This special sound is all about helping us cultivate harmonious relationships, both with ourselves and other people, and enabling us to communicate more smoothly with the world around us. Listening to 639Hz can also encourage our brainwaves to shift into the Theta state, which is the same brainwaves we may experience when we’re deeply relaxed. Listen to 639Hz if you want to emotionally heal your heart; if you’d like to improve communication in your relationships, or to help you relax.

Open your heart whilst you listen to this frequency, by lying back on the Yogamatters Hemp Bolster; restorative yoga postures like a supported bridge pose or simple supported heart opener can help release physical and emotional tension.


Connected to the Throat Chakra, 741Hz is a protective frequency, that is said to help guard the body from toxins, negativity, anger and jealousy, as well as helping us emotionally ‘open up’ and express ourselves truthfully. The Throat Chakra is all about our ability to listen to others, and also to speak our minds freely, which is important in order for us to have healthy, free-flowing emotions. By listening to 741Hz regularly, the frequency can help enhance our ability to express ourselves and live in a more authentic way, as well as protecting us from the toxic negativity that can be all too common in today’s world.

Essential oils can also help protect the body from physical and emotional toxins, and by infusing the space around you with the scents of Lavender, Cedarwood, Eucalyptus or Patchouli in the Made By Zen Wellbeing Kit, you’ll be able to balance your body and your emotions.


The frequency related to the Third Eye Chakra, this sound can help reduce anxiety and nervous energy, and improve our ability to trust in ourselves. So much of the time, anxiety is connected to worrying about what might happen in the future, and so by listening to this frequency regularly, we can start to bring ourselves back into the present moment where we can think more clearly. To help yourself connect to your intuition, to build inner confidence and release anxiety about the future, try listening to 852Hz.

To learn more about the Chakras and how to connect with them for greater mind-body wellbeing, read The Zenned Out Guide To Understanding Chakras by Cassie Uhl.


The Sound of Water
Used so often in music to accompany meditation, the sound of running water has long been known to soothe the mind and emotions. Researchers believe that the sound of water can guide brainwaves to a calmer state. Notice how you feel next time you’re close to the beach, walking by a flowing stream or even sitting close to a water feature – Zen gardens that are specifically designed for meditation and relaxation always include water as a central feature, which meditators have known is calming for thousands of years.


Researchers from the Max Planck Institute For Human Development have found that listening to birdsong can reduce anxiety and irrational thoughts in many people, helping to relax and restore the nervous system. Even listening to recorded sounds of birdsong has been found to have a powerful affect upon emotional wellbeing and stress reduction, so if you live in an urban environment where soothing birdsong is scarce, you can still benefit by playing a recording.


White Noise
A popular sound for helping many people get to sleep, White Noise can also promote concentration, calmness, and even has benefits for ADHD and Tinnitus. If your mind is busy and anxious, playing White Noise is said to help give the brain a sound to focus on, instead of being overwhelmed by thoughts, so try playing this sound if anxiety and worry are stopping you from getting to sleep at night. If you’re a new mum, it may also be good to know that studies have found that White Noise can help reduce crying in infants!


Now you know the benefits of these healing sounds and frequencies, which will you choose to help balance your emotions?

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