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How to use Yoga Props with Vicky Fox

Vicky Fox shares some useful tips and poses for a selection of our best-selling props. Whether you are new to using props or you already use them, we hope these videos will help to inspire and reinforce the magic of using props within your yoga practice.

Yoga belts are now used in most styles of yoga classes, so it’s no surprise that they’re our bestselling props. Mainly used to extend and lengthen reach, there are countless ways to use a yoga belt to enhance your yoga postures. Vicky shares what she loves about using a yoga belt.

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Yoga Bricks are ideal for adding lift or grounding in all manner of poses. They can help stabilise and add height in standing and balancing poses or can be placed between the knees to activate the inner leg muscles. Vicky shares some ideas for both our foam bricks and cork bricks.

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Made from cork, a renewable and recyclable resource, the Yogamatters Cork Block is ideal for adding a lift, stabilising or grounding into your yoga pose. Discover how to use a cork block in your yoga practice.

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We love bolsters and there are an infinite amount of ways to use them. Vicky demonstrates some ideas to use both our cotton filled bolster and our buckwheat filled bolster. Both variations of our round yoga bolsters will provide you with the support and comfort you need throughout your yoga practice. In the studio, bolsters are an essential for most class styles, especially restorative lyengar, pregnancy and post-natal yoga. They’re also great for your home practice, doubling as a cushion to be placed on your sofa or bed after class!

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Spongy recron filled

Mouldable buckwheat filled

Used to aid rotation in seated twists, for support in backbends, in viparita karani and many other asanas, these chairs are ideal for serious students and yoga studios. Vicky demonstrates how to use our yoga chair without a front bar. For those looking for more support and more advanced poses our yoga chair is also available with a front bar.

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